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Unique Handcrafted Decor

Unique Handmade Home Decor

Buy a piece of beautiful art for your home, and support the livelihood of hundreds of Haitian artisans.

Home Decor

Paper Mache Animal Heads

Paper Mache Animal Trophies

Embody wilderness and animal spirits into your home, office or studio decor with our faux taxidermy head mounts. No cruelty involved!

Paper Mache Animals

Standing Paper Mache Animals

Make your home decor even more astounding with our paper mache animal sculptures, ideal for kids rooms decorations.

Handmade Paper Mache Vases

Handmade Vases & Bowls

Add a unique touch to your home with our vases made with recycled paper mache, the perfect vessels for dried floral, twigs and painted driftwood.

Original Craft

Caribbean Craft offers a collection of stunning and unique home decor pieces, handcrafted by a talented artisan community in Haiti. Perfect gifts, home decor and collectibles. Our 100% handmade home decor collection is the best choice to express your creativity while helping the artisans of Haiti.

We help our people develop their talents.

Our vision is to be the example of a successful and socially responsible company in Haiti that enables artisans around the country to live a good life.

About US


Handmade Home Decor

Caribbean Craft specializes in home decor accessories: handcrafted and hand painted items, metal sculptures, papier maché, stone carving and basketry.

We produce and sell original Haitian handmade artisan products that will brighten the environment of our customers and improve the quality of life of our workers and people.

Haiti, a center of artistic creativity and inventiveness, is exemplified by the vibrant tradition and continuation of self-taught painting with colorful style and lines.


What is "paper mache” - also known as “papier maché”?

A malleable mixture of paper and glue, or paper, flour and water that becomes hard when dry and is used to make boxes, trays, or ornaments. The Haitian paper mache was initiated in the 50’s in Jacmel, in the south of the country, and has become a traditional know-how of Haitian artisans since then.

We protect the environment

Caribbean Craft strives to find ecological uses for recycled material.

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"Haiti is in our hearts,

but, mostly, Haiti is in our hands.”

— Magalie Noël Dresse, founder, Caribbean Craft