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The Serenity Series was developed to help fashion restful, relaxing home sanctuaries that promote a sense of calm. The soothing shades and natural feel of sisal help create this haven away from the chaos of today’s world. Our papier mache pieces create an inviting, uncluttered look. Mixed neutral tones of off-white look especially lovely when paired with our warm sisal tones. The creamy white reflects the sun’s ray throughout the day, an effect that brightens the space even more—without overwhelming.

Serenity papier mache home decorations with sisal
Pride collection of papier mache decorative accessories with rainbow colors


Building individual and collective pride is part of Caribbean Craft’s mission. Liberating every person in our diverse community to live their most authentic life. When we are authentic we are following our own path in life. We are doing what feels most natural, developing interests, and cultivating curiosity. Pride in ourselves and our community can help us tap into a deep joy that allows us to live more flourishing lives. The Pride Collection is comprised of papier mache pieces that will energize your space with bold color -a reminder to live daringly.


Our Coastal Series is a collection of treasures one would find strewn along the Caribbean coastline accents that tell the story of enchanted moments by the sea. The collection embodies a lifestyle that celebrates the potent power of the sea. Let our Coastal papier mache pieces be a reminder that freedom has been there waiting for you all along!

Coastal collection of papier mache items for a coastal decor in your home
Timeless collection of papier mache home decorations in blac and white


A black and white palette is timeless and classic, with endless possibilities from subdued to statement-making. Using the color black adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room. But to get real drama and spark, we’ve paired black with white. The use of black and white in our Timeless Series gives a fresh, clean, unquestionably sophisticated, and elegant look to any room.


The Empress Collection embodies the power and plenty that can spring from wholehearted engagement with the world. The collection represents the power that can be drawn from being close to nature and by tapping into a creative feminine strength. Empress Collection papier mache pieces are characterized by their bold form and minimalist lines that elevate the aesthetic of your interior. White is universal. It is forever. White is not a color, but a manifest of all colors which form a complex energy field of light. We invite you to adorn your space with these powerful symbols of truth and purity.

Empress collection of papier mache objects painted in pure white
Innocence collection of decorations for kids rooms in papier mache


Children have a unique way of seeing the world. They see magic because they look for it.  Let our innocence collection take you back….Way back to that little innocent child walking around barefoot…Be curious, optimistic, joyful, and essentially happy. Innocence is an enchanted place where colors are brighter.


The Balzac Series promotes a healthy curiosity to go behind the surface of events, to show the reasons and causes for social phenomena and a more honest representation of society. Book print adds a subtle touch of elegance and mystery to an interior. The Balzac Series delivers more than a product line; it delivers an experience in livable design.

Balzac collection of unique papier mache sculptures
Veve collection of wall art in papier mache and sisal finish


Vèvè are spirits that inhabit the cosmos; they are energetic forces representing natural forces, emotions, or values that are important to the Haitian people. Our VèVè collection is infused with the symbols of the goddess Erzulie Freda, Papa Legba the Guardian of the Crossroads, and the Messenger Spirit Simbi, each powerful symbols of peace, love, and prosperity. Create a quiet home sanctuary with symbols representing love and the power to remove obstacles and provide opportunities. Let your space be a place of healing and centering.

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