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Putting people to work is of a paramount importance in the critical task of rehabilitating our struggling country, and we consider it an honor and our duty, as citizens, to participate, at our level.

Magalie Dresse, CEO and Founder of Caribbean Craft


At Caribbean Craft, we are a passionate and diverse team united by a common goal: to showcase Haiti's renowned craftsmanship. We are fervent members of Haitian society, striving to build a successful and impactful brand that exemplifies our commitment to excellence. We believe in the power of change and are dedicated to creating opportunities for the less fortunate. Join us as we uplift Haiti through our shared belief in craftsmanship and transformative impact.



Magalie is the CEO and Founder of Caribbean Craft, she works at the intersection of Design, Business, Sustainability, Capital, Impact, aligning with her company’s philosophy and objectives. An industrial engineer by training, she has spent the past twenty years working in the craft export sector.

A real advocate for change in the current business structures in Haiti, she believes creation of social enterprise is the only way to reduce social gaps and create opportunities for the unemployed citizens of her country. Her infectious enthusiasm, sharp sense of opportunity, ability to build relationships across the sector and geographies makes her the well- known face of the Caribbean Craft brand.



Carl Momplaisir is a respected team leader, hands-on senior executive and  Telecom professional with over 27 years of experience in commercial and operational success. He’s worked with several Senior Telecom Management team across the US and the Caribbean . He also worked directly with business owners in the region helping them reshape their organization, built strong alliances with the media outlets across the region and corporate communications departments. This has led to an excellent track-record in growing revenue and market share in mature and developing markets.  By conceptualizing and orchestrating efficient sales and marketing campaigns, he has proven to reinforce and build brand images and development strategies. Carl Momplaisir has demonstrated ability to handle overall emergency corporation restructuring and sales development strategies.  He has worked in both CMO and GM capacities while charged with crisis management responsibilities.



Having been raised in Haiti with a background and specialized training in photography and videography, Melanie has a strong passion for compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling which are the basis for work with AYASHA Media, a photography/videography production company she owns and operates with her partner Jean Philippe D. Brierre. The AYASHA team provide creative and technical skills to develop and execute all aspects of multi media production from concept through to post production and end marketing. At AYASHA the aim is to help showcase the many social enterprises like Wild and Fierce operating in the private sector, the strategic alliances among governmental and non governmental and private sectors and the potential that business and marketplace strategies hold to enhance effectiveness and sustainability of development initiatives.


Born in Haiti, Joel studied philosophy in Belgium, and came back to Haiti at the end of 1989 to address the high unemployment problem in the country. He started working in a textile business, managing the rug production of the company. His ingenuity was shown when he developed unique high-end handmade rag rugs for a luxury store in New York. He then founded a handicraft company, Drexco Crafts which became, at the end of the 90’s the largest handicraft export company of Haiti. Caribbean Craft took over Drexco Crafts in 2006. He also co-founded a real estate company, l’Immobiliere Caraibe, which he managed until 1997. In 2001, he built to international constructions standards a real estate compound of 11 houses and apartments. He is currently a partner in Haiti Community Housing S.A., a construction company that aims at building affordable and quality houses for the working class. Joel has been the Honorary Consul of Belgium since 2006.

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Our Dedicated Team: a collective representation of the multifaceted units within our country. 

As intense and ardent members of Haitian society, we are fueled by a shared desire to create a successful and impactful brand that reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. We believe in the transformative power of change and are driven to make a difference in Haiti.

Our team embodies the spirit of resilience and determination that characterizes the Haitian people. We are passionate advocates for the less fortunate, working tirelessly to create opportunities that uplift and empower individuals facing challenges. Through our collective efforts, we aim to break barriers and foster positive change in their lives.

Caribbean Craft is more than just a business; it is a manifestation of our shared vision for a brighter future in Haiti. We believe that by highlighting and promoting our country's exceptional craftsmanship, we can challenge perceptions and showcase the beauty and talent that lies within.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our craft. We are dedicated to creating meaningful opportunities for the less fortunate, providing training, support, and access to markets. Through these efforts, we aim to empower individuals, enabling them to overcome obstacles and achieve personal and economic success.

As a team, we are resolute in our pursuit of a transformative impact in Haiti. We are united in our belief that change is possible and that through our collective actions, we can create a better tomorrow for all. Our shared passion for craftsmanship and our unwavering commitment to excellence drive us forward on this journey.

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