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Promote Haiti Through The Exports

Our Vision is to be the example of a successful and socially responsible company in Haiti that enables artisans around the country to live a good life. Caribbean Craft wants to generate enough sales through exports to strengthen isolated artisan communities around Haiti.


Leading the Way Through Excellence

Changing the perception of Haiti with high quality goods and consistency using our work as a medium to passionately protest mediocrity.

Going Global

Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Caribbean Craft was founded to address Haiti's high unemployment through artisan training, design assistance, and by opening new export markets for their creations. As a center of artistic creativity and inventiveness, Haiti is exemplified by the vibrant traditions and continuation of self-taught painting with colorful style and lines.

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Transforming Lives

Through my work i can live. I can pay my rent and can send my kids to school. I am not humiliated by either my husband or my family members. I can live in dignity.

Marie Carmel Pierre, Caribbean Craft Employee

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