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  • Stunning Home Decor from the Caribbean

    Caribbean Craft offers a collection of stunning and unique home decor pieces, handcrafted by a talented artisan community in Haiti. Perfect gifts, home decor and collectibles.

    • For Haitians it’s very important to maintain the memory of their ancestors from Africa. <i>“We seek to delight our customers with the art of Haiti.”</i>
      Multi colored papier mache zebra head for a handcrafted home decor
    • The artists of Haiti creatively transform discarded waste into contemporary home decor designs. <i>“We use integrity as our trademark.”</i>
      Haitian artisan working on a metal sculpture made from recycled oil drum
    • Add interest to your home decor by creating a feature wall in neutrals or tribal earth tones. <i>“We brighten the environment of our customers.”</i>
      Papier mache pronghorn antelope head for an exotic home decor
    • Each art piece is individually crafted into a unique home decor design by one of our artisans in Haiti. <i>“We give support to our community.”</i>
      Arnaud Manasse working on a papier mache leaf bowl used as decor accessory
    • In Haiti the rooster is known as ‘the king of the house’ and a perfect symbol of prosperity and pride for your home decor. “We promote the beauty of Haiti.”</i>
      Papier mache rooster standing on a pack of carrots
    • Bring the spirit of the Caribbean into your home decor as well as the energy of a real artist of Haiti. <i>“We strive for continuous improvement and innovation.”</i>
      Jean gluing sisal cords to shape the horns of a papier mache impala trophy
    • Now you can bring the energy of your spirit animal into your home or workplace. “We strive to find eco-logical uses for recycled materials.”
      Black rhinoceros head in papier mache made in Haiti by skilled artisans

    Unique Art, Gifts and Collectibles from Haiti

    Decorate your home with art pieces featuring wildlife and motifs at the heart of Haitian mythology and culture. Treat your loved ones to a unique gift or buy a symbol of hope and prosperity for your office and workplace.

    Each piece is lovingly crafted by our artisans and carries it’s own unique energy into your life. Browse our online store, buy a piece of beautiful art for your home, and support the livelihood of more than 400 of the artists of Haiti.

    Choose from free standing statuettes or wall art: handcrafted papier mache or metals that transform recyclables and discarded waste into contemporary designs.

    The Best from Haiti to your Home

    When you buy an original, handcrafted piece of art to brighten your home or office you are supporting over 400 Haitian artists and their families. And you are directly improving the quality of their lives.

    Socially Responsible and Sustainable

    Caribbean Craft aims to generate enough sales to strengthen isolated artisan communities around Haiti and be the example of a successful and socially responsible company.

    Painter working on a papier mache owl for kids rooms decoration
    Papier mache "Suzy Owl" home decor accessory painted
    Magalie Noel Dresse inspecting a papier mache impala trophy made in Haiti by Caribbean Craft
    Handcrafted papier mache impala trophy

    Caribbean Craft owner and director Magalie Noel Dresse works closely with her artisan community.

    We help our people develop their talents.”

    Magalie won the Latin Trade Bravo Award’s Innovative Social Sustainability Award in 2013.

    “I strongly believe that socially responsible businesses have an important role to play in the development of our societies and in the global economy.”

    Magalie Noel Dresse lobbying for the artisans of Haiti at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York
    Promoting the handicraft of Haiti at the CGI in New York
    Caribbean Craft is a socially responsible workshop in Haiti
    Sharing with the artisans of Caribbean Craft

    At the end of 2017 the artisans asked Magalie to do a food basket distribution instead of having the traditional Christmas party.

    It is unacceptable that people who are willing to work hard have no opportunities. I am proud of the artisans of this country, proud of their talent and their willingness to learn more.

    Caribbean Craft strives to find “ecological” uses for recyclables and waste material. The renowned “oil drum art” is made from recycled steel drums; the trendy papier maché statuettes come from empty cement bags and the starch is locally grown arrowroot.

    Home decorations made with recycled material
    Artisan sculpting a papier mache sun for wall decor
    Papier mache mask for kids rooms decor
    Artisan working on a papier mache cat mask

    Choose with your buy.
    Choose sustainable.
    Choose unique.
    Choose ethical.
    Choose Caribbean Craft.

    Get in touch today.

    Last Photo from the gallery

    This papier mache elephant toy-box, also used as a chair, has its trump in the typical "good luck" position. Made with eco-friendly arrowroot and even more eco-friendly recycled cement bags we hope it will bring luck to the whole planet.

    This friendly hippo toy-box for children rooms can also be used as a stool. Watch out though as to not fall down!

    The rhino toy box, like all our papier mache, is made with recycled paper from used cement bags and a natural glue extracted from arrowroot in the South of Haiti. The reds and oranges on the cover are dyed paper, not paint.

    Papier mache wall decorations drying in Caribbean Craft's courtyard.

    Jean piercing a concrete base of a papier mache decorative accessory. Jean is a multi-talented worker: he works in all sections of the papier mache workshop and is the main "courrier" of the company with his motorcycle. He is also a pastor, commenting the Bible during the breaks, or even during the working hours.

    Orismond telling a joke while working on a decorative accessory in papier mache and concrete base

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