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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Meet Zibyoudii: The Fairest Papier Mache Zebra Mirror.


Who's the fairest zebra of them all? Your little one, of course! Watch childhood imaginations come to life as some of your child's favorite animals are reflected back at them, with a familiar face at the center - their own! Our Zibyoudii papier mache zebra mirror brings funny-faced playtime joy for both adults and children alike.


From our Innocence collection, these playful pieces feature soothing yet cheerful hues, adding a touch of liveliness to any family-friendly space.


At Caribbean Craft, we are deeply committed to fair trade, ethical conduct, and sustainability. Our materials are carefully sourced to be eco-friendly and sustainable, reflecting our dedication to the environment. Each item is meticulously handcrafted by our skillful artisans in Haiti, making them unique and truly one-of-a-kind. For easy maintenance, a quick cleanup can be done with a damp cloth on your hand-crafted piece.


Unleash your child's imagination and let them explore the wonders of their own reflection with the delightful Zibyoudii zebra mirror. Discover the joy of playful interactions and watch as this charming mirror becomes a cherished addition to your family's space.

Zibyoudi the Papier-Mache Zebra Mirror

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