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Elevate Room Organization with Tigar the Tiger Papier Mache Wall Hook!


Make room organization a playful adventure with our Tigar the Tiger papier mache wall hook. Infuse a fresh and contemporary vibe into your space while helping your kiddos keep their rooms tidy and neat in the most charming way.


Watch childhood imaginations come to life with the animal wall hooks from our delightful Innocence collection. These whimsical pieces are sure to inject character into any family-friendly space. Choose between the elegant monochromatic white or our signature Balzac print to perfectly match your decor.


Our Tigar paper-mache wall hook is designed to effortlessly blend with other animal wall hooks in this enchanting series. Get your kids involved in the selection process and watch their unique personalities shine through as you craft a room design that resonates with them.


At Caribbean Craft, we place a high value on fair trade, ethical conduct, and sustainability. All our materials are meticulously sourced, ensuring that we maintain our commitment to eco-friendliness. Each wall hook is lovingly handcrafted by skillful artisans in Haiti, making every piece a true work of art with its distinct character.


Embrace creativity, organization, and the charm of handcrafted art with Tigar the Tiger and our captivating Innocence collection. Trust Caribbean Craft to enhance your space with exceptional craftsmanship and positive values.

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Tigar the Tiger Papier Mache Wall Hook (Balzac)

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