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32”x 36”Acrylic on linen

Inspiration from Anse à Pirogue, the paradise from which I draw the most serene energy. The last paint strokes, barely touching the canvas, felt like a sweet caress!

Starting Bid : 3000$

Sweet Caress by Ama Makeda

  • Makeda’s pieces vibrate with incredible energy and emotions, featuring nature close-ups in their most glorious state.

    A self-taught artist, Makeda has been painting for the past 17 years, with her first professional exhibition 12 years ago. After the earthquake in January 2010, she used her art as a means of healing, creating a portfolio of artworks that were widely recognized for their dazzling beauty and deep spiritual meaning. Since her art was first showcased, it has made a major impact on the world art scene, and her work has since then been featured in some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, including exhibitions at the Louvre in France, international art exhibitions in New York and Miami, Contemporary art exhibitions in UK, India, Thailand, China, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

    As well as a painter, she is a professional dancer, a yogini and praised yoga instructor, a beeswax candle maker and a business woman. As a result of economic crash and political instability in Hait and being such an innovator, she recently started working with epoxy resin, offering functional art in areas where actual paintings can no longer be a financial priority, creating everyday useful pieces that would artistically enhance any design. To underline this, she owns a fitness line, MAFLOW, that features Makeda’s pieces, following artistic and geometrical alignment cues to guide the practitioner more mindfully in whichever fitness practice they follow.

    Over the years, the name Ama Makeda has become a world-acclaimed ambassador for Haïtian and contemporary art. Yoga and meditation inspire her further in the creation of her art. Makeda’s artistic expression and ingenuity have propelled her to the heights of the international art scene. With such inspiration, she will be creating much more, so keep an eye out for this International Growing Artist!

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