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Enhance Your Décor with Soukie the Papier Mache Starfish from Caribbean Craft's Coastal Collection.


Looking to infuse modern chic or vacation vibes into your living spaces? Discover the delightful Soukie papier mache starfish, a versatile decorative piece from Caribbean Craft's Coastal collection. Whether adorning your beach-themed areas or bringing a touch of the Caribbean breeze to your home or office, this handmade starfish adds a playful touch that aligns perfectly with your personal design aesthetic.


Introducing Caribbean Craft's Coastal collection – a gateway to capturing the spirit of a Caribbean getaway within your design scheme. Each item in this series resonates with the beauty of beachside discoveries, reminiscent of shells and stones found during leisurely strolls along the coast. These Coastal creations effortlessly integrate into your décor, infusing a relaxed vacation ambiance that transforms any space into a tranquil retreat.


At Caribbean Craft, sustainability is a cornerstone. All materials are thoughtfully sourced, ensuring an eco-friendly approach that resonates with conscious consumers. Crafted by skilled artisans in Haiti, every piece carries a unique artisanal touch, making each creation one-of-a-kind. Maintenance is a breeze – a quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps your papier-mache designs looking pristine.


Elevate your interior design with the Soukie papier mache starfish and Caribbean Craft's Coastal collection. By choosing these handcrafted treasures, you not only embellish your spaces with elegance but also contribute to a sustainable, eco-conscious approach to decorating.

Soukie the Papier Mache Starfish

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