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Introducing Zayir: The Handmade Papier Mache Zebra with Character and Flair


Experience the essence of the open plain, friendship, and community with Zayir, our captivating papier mache zebra. This unique piece will infuse your design space with character and flair. Whether it's the bedroom or the entryway, let our Balzac zebra symbolize the balance and freedom of your individual style.


Our striking Zayir zebra stands out with its contrasting stripes and the famous Balzac print. This faux taxidermy papier mache zebra is meticulously handcrafted by the talented artisans of the Caribbean Craft community in Haiti.

Elevate your interior with the extraordinary Balzac Collection. Our distinctive Balzac book-print design adds a touch of elegance and mystery to any space, transforming the ordinary into something truly remarkable.


Caribbean Craft is committed to sustainability, ensuring that all materials used in our creations are responsibly sourced and eco-friendly. Each item, including Zayir, is meticulously handmade by skillful artisans in Haiti, guaranteeing that no two pieces are exactly alike. Cleaning our papier mache designs is effortless – simply use a damp cloth for a quick cleanup, preserving the beauty of your decor.


Experience the allure of Zayir, the handmade papier mache zebra that brings character and style to your living space. Explore our Balzac Collection now and discover the artistry and sustainability behind each unique piece crafted by Caribbean Craft.

Zayir the Papier-Mache Zebra

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