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Guardian goddess of the three realms; Naga Kanya is a well-loved spiritual ally in Eastern traditions and is said to guard all esoteric and mystical teachings, offering them only to those who come humbly to receive. In turn, she offers protection and gifts to the seeker. She presides over both the natural world as well as the unseen one.
The number of snakes above her crown indicates one who has accessed a very high level of initiation; a fully activated Kundalini energy.
The 3 pieces to this work represent the 3 gates in between the 3 realms and dimensions of our plane of existence.
Spirit/ Heavens /Future
Earth / Body /Present
Soul/ Sheol /Past

Naga Kanya's Gateway

  • 126.5 X 54.5  in

  • Mixed Media, sequins, beads, recycled metals.

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