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The Mindfulness painting is about thoughts, race, and struggle. The mind is so clouded that one race, the human race, has waged war within its kind because of different skin colors, not realizing it is part of God's glory. The same way flowers or fishes have different shades, it's part of the wonders of creation. The hands filled with brains represent different thoughts that influence our daily decisions, for better or for worse. Depression and anxiety are rampant because of ignorance on how the mind works and falling into its trap. Use the intrusive-negative thoughts to strengthen your virtues. Set a standard and goal for yourself, and when thoughts interfere with them, thoughts that entice you to do things that lead you to circumstances you want to avoid, thoughts telling you that you can't do it, discouraging you — these thoughts are the demons you wage war against by achieving and not submitting to doubts about yourself. That's what the fighting stance represents, as if a boxer striking without warning, full of conviction, vigor, and power. We should also strive for what we believe with the same attitude. Acknowledge that obstacles are the way. Embodying this changes someone's view of life and way of living if they are bold enough to believe it. The reality these words offer is worth a thousand paintings. That's what I want all those who are suffering to know. A thought can't hurt you, nor hack you. When you feel unpleasant emotions from a thought, ACKNOWLEDGE at that moment that you are in full control of your actions and the present moment is always a canvas. The thoughts you act upon are the strokes towards the final product, which will be revealed at the end of your life — as a story of inspiration or pity. The day is yours. Fight!


40"x40" Acrylic on canvas

Mindfulness by Le Vagabonds

  • Gianni Acra also known as Le Vagabonds is a Haitian-American artist based in Miami. He is recognized for expressing wisdom in truth through arts, and for introducing to his audience, a lifestyle of knowledge and good actions to overcome life challenges that usually manifested themselves in diverse forms of mental and health issues. Being affected in the past by those issues he has learned how to help, by expounding the truth through his art and creations. With artworks in collections across the US, Le Vagabonds represents a bridge, providing wisdom and truth in the developed society and facilitating education and welfare in the developing society like Haiti, his home country.

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