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This artwork carries the energy of wealth and promotes abundance. It is associated with prosperity.

This vibrational piece is also charged with Reiki frequencies and is mindfully handcrafted to diffuse positive energy into one’s space. It is named after the goddess Lakshmi - the champion of fortune, love, and health.

It is also complemented with a clear quartz crystal to help amplify these intentions.


17.5 x 19 inches (wooden frame) Mixed Media- Textile, Sequins, Beads


Lakshmi in Clear Quartz by Claudia Apaid

  • Claudia Apaid, a Haitian American artist whose designs are inspired by energy, spirituality, and nature, interweaves a variety of mixed media creations in handmade embroideries and metal works, often alongside artisans from around the globe.

    Apaid uses hand-stitched embroidery and techniques with sequins, crystals, glass beads, precious stones, textiles, and metal to create her unique pieces.

    Described as vibrational pieces, her works of art are charged with Reiki healing energy while handcrafted with precise attention to detail. With a focus on the repetitions and patterns found in nature and the spiritual worlds, Apaid explores and documents the very nature of life itself and our relationship with it.

    Apaid is a graduate of Miami International’s University of Art & Design with a degree in Design. She has displayed her work in exhibits throughout the US and internationally.

    She recently created Haiti’s national costume for Miss Universe 2022 and unveiled a new collection of wearable art clutch bags and accessories.

    She has been featured in various publications and was awarded by the city of Miami for her artistic contributions to the city.


    @apaidart @claudiaapaid

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