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Introducing Akira: White Papier Mache Snowy Owl for Contemporary Spaces


Elevate your contemporary space with the timeless elegance of Akira, our white papier-mache snowy owl. This stunning creation embodies stunning simplicity, commanding attention in any room. With its monochromatic approach, Akira effortlessly complements clean lines, while its rich texture adds a touch of softness, gently softening sharp edges. Versatile and adaptable to various contemporary styles, this papier mache masterpiece encapsulates the serene acceptance of the snowy owl's spiritual journey, mirroring our own transformative passages through life.


Experience the power and guidance of a guardian animal spirit from our Empress collection. Allow the presence of Akira to imbue your space with strength and courage, inspiring you on your personal journey.


Caribbean Craft remains committed to sustainable practices, sourcing eco-friendly materials for our creations. Each item is meticulously handmade by our skilled artisans in Haiti, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. To maintain the pristine beauty of our papier mache designs, a quick cleanup is easily achieved with a damp cloth.


Embrace the enchanting spirit of Akira and invite the serenity and uniqueness of Caribbean Craft into your contemporary sanctuary.


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