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Spruce up your modern table with the Adanna papier mache vase from our Timeless Papier Mache Collection. From Sunday brunch to a master suite accent, our papier mache Adanna vase adds a touch of modern style to any space. This papier mache vase features an eye-catching silhouette and a distinctive geo- pattern in luxurious black and white. Can be used for dry storage of ornamental flowers.

A black and white palette is timeless and classic, with endless possibilities, from subdued to statement making. Black adds a focal point that grounds, anchors and sophisticates and when paired with white, it injects just the right measure of drama and spark. We hope you’ll enjoy our Timeless series and the fresh clean and unquestionable elegance it will bring to your design spaces.

All Caribbean Craft materials are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. Each item is handmade by skillful artisans in Haiti, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Use a damp cloth for a quick cleanup on our paper mache vases.


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