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Introducing Abada: Papier Mache Bird for Contemporary Vintage Style.


Infuse your tables, shelves, consoles, and nooks with a touch of contemporary vintage style using our Abada papier mache bird. This charming piece adds a stylish element to your space and makes for an excellent housewarming gift. With its versatile design, the Abada bird effortlessly blends in with your unique decor, tying together various design elements. Its classic white color adds a contemporary edge, making it adaptable to modern spaces.


Handmade and delicately painted by the skillful artisans at Caribbean Craft in Haiti, the Abada bird showcases the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each piece. We prioritize sustainability by sourcing recycled materials and using natural cassava starch glue in the creation of our art. Rest assured that our dedication to eco-friendliness extends throughout our entire production process.


Draw strength and courage from the guardian animal spirit by exploring our Empress collection. Allow the presence of these symbolic creatures to inspire and empower you on your journey.


Caribbean Craft takes pride in sourcing sustainable materials and employing skillful artisans to handcraft each item in Haiti. Embrace the uniqueness of our papier mache designs, knowing that no two pieces are exactly alike. For easy maintenance, a quick cleanup can be achieved using a damp cloth on our creations.


Enhance your space with the allure of our Abada papier mache bird, meticulously crafted by Caribbean Craft's talented artisans.

White Abada, the Tall Papier-Mache Bird

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