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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Creativity often comes from the darkest places, whether geographical or mental. Many of the greats were subject to harsh environments presenting them with many challenges. And it is those very challenges that inspired them to fight and improve their conditions.

Too many young people from Site Soley can relate to this. Despite its name meaning the City of the Sun it is regarded as one of the most troubled places in the country, infected by gangs, crimes and poverty. However, this should not be their reality and right structures should be put in place to shift this narrative.

Caribbean Craft believes that a bridge should be built to help them rise! Immense potential goes to waste: it is time to allow our talents to shine!

We want to give them jobs and opportunities to better their lives and as a result better the whole community. Putting the youth at work can stop them for joining gang activities, a real problem in our society.

The training programs developed in partnerships with Sakala and ILO gave them the tools needed to develop unique products for the export markets creating this window of hope!

Let’s together shine the light at the end of this tunnel! Giving them an option and showing them that their lives are worth so much more.

Giving them hope allowing them to trust and love their country. Through job creation and strong partnerships we can turn this city of darkness to a real city of the sun.

If interested in knowing more: Watch our video on our YouTube channel.

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