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  • About Caribbean Craft

    Caribbean Craft is a for-profit enterprise with a great big heart, creating unique art, free-standing sculptures, and wall hangings. Perfect for home decor, gifts and collectibles. Each piece is handmade with love by a skilled artist from Haiti while production and distribution is overseen by award winning social entrepreneur Magalie Noel Dresse. Caribbean Craft provides a real livelihood to an artisan community of more than 400 in Haiti.

    Papier mache rooster handcrafted in Haiti for home decor
    Unique artworks that capture the essence of Haiti: like the rooster motif which is a symbol of prosperity and strength.


    Caribbean Craft is dedicated to promoting the beauty of Haiti through beautiful artworks which capture the symbols, colors, wildlife and folklore of the Haitian people. We produce, sell and export original art pieces handmade by local artists that will brighten the homes and offices of our customers and improve the quality of life of our workers and their families.


    The vision of Caribbean Craft is to be an example of a successful and socially responsible company in Haiti that enables artisans around the country to live a good life.


    Caribbean Craft is a value-based enterprise where we:

    • Strive for continuous improvement and innovation.
    • Seek to delight our customers with Haitian art.
    • Find eco-logical uses for discarded waste and recyclables.
    • Use integrity as our trademark.
    • Help our people develop their talents.
    • Give support to the community.
    Marcelene the Gazelle papier mache fake taxidermy decoration
    Our products are often named for our people. Like Marcelene the Gazelle: beautiful Marcelene is always on the move, going in a hurry from one place to the other seemingly with a purpose.

    Our products

    Unique Home Decor, Gifts and Collectibles for Wholesalers

    The artisans of Caribbean Craft produce over six thousand different items from giftware and collectibles to home décor. Our artwork is suitable for home décor retailers, gift shops and tourist oriented stores. We specialize in handcrafted and hand painted items, metal sculptures, paper maché, stone carvings, and basketry.

    Since 2011 our customer list covers the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Israel and most Caribbean Islands.

    Click here for wholesale enquiries

    President Clinton admiring the handcrafted decorations by Caribbean Craft.
    Former US President Bill Clinton views the home decor made by Caribbean Craft.

    Stunning handmade art pieces for your home

    Caribbean Craft also sells to home-based customers and delivers our beautiful art pieces direct to your door. Our products are unique and each one is individually crafted by one of our artisans. Click here to browse our online store and buy something today.

    Zebra head made in papier mache inspired by Dutch Wax fabric designs for a colorful home decor
    “We seek to delight our customers with the art of Haiti.”Magalie Noel Dresse

    The Beautiful Art of Haiti

    Caribbean Craft creates an outlet for talented Haitian artisans to reach international markets. As a country with a troubled history: plagued by natural disasters and political instability, Haiti is consistently ranked as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

    Haitians struggle to find a sustained income, and more than half of the population is unemployed. While these problems are challenges that Haitians face every day, the beauty of the culture is often left unnoticed. The talent of the artistry in Haitian culture combines creativity, precision, and inventiveness and is underrepresented around the world.

    Company History

    Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Caribbean Craft was founded in 1990 to address Haiti’s high unemployment. Providing artisan training, design assistance and opening new export markets for their artworks, by the end of the 90’s Caribbean Craft had become the main provider of Haitian handicrafts for the Caribbean Islands’ tourist market.

    In 2006 Magalie Noel Dresse took over ownership and in 2009 invested in a permanent showroom in Atlanta’s AmericasMart. This exposure to the American market introduced the company and its products to several important retailers like HomeGoods and Anthropologie until the earthquake of January 2010 changed everything.

    Magalie Noel Dresse lobbying for the artisans of Haiti at the CGI in 2010
    Company owner and director Magalie Noel Dresse is an international advocate for the economic development of Haiti and works tirelessly at creating a meaningful livelihood for the people of Haiti.

    Surviving the Earthquake

    Magalie Noel Dresse's home after the earthquake of January 12 2010 used to produce Caribbean Craft's home decorations
    Magalie's garden used as a production facility after the earthquake

    During the devastating earthquake, the workshop where all the items were produced collapsed and was completely destroyed. Concerned for her artisans and what would be become of them with no income as they tried to rebuild through the damage, Magalie moved the entire production facility into her own home.

    Despite that very volatile year, support from the Clinton Foundation helped the company rebuild. With partnerships from customers such as West Elm and Anthropologie, Caribbean Craft has been able to grow as a company and continues to support artisans around Haiti.

    Oprah recording her show at Caribbean Craft
    Oprah visited the production facility in December 2011 and showcased the artisans work in her OWN TV Network in January 2012

    Magalie was honored to win the Latin Trade Bravo Award’s Innovative Social Sustainability Award in 2013. “I strongly believe that socially responsible businesses have an important role to play in the development of our societies and in the global economy.”

    Social Impact and Social Outreach

    Caribbean Craft provide Haitian artisans with fair wages, health and accident insurance, a pension system, and interest-free loans to meet their own needs in case of natural disaster. It’s a real livelihood for more than 400 artisans and their families.

    Additionally, for the last four years Caribbean Craft has implemented a successful social project alongside the business. Partnering with PRODEV. Caribbean Craft created an education program for our artists. They learn foundation skills in literacy, numeracy as well as financial skills.

    Each each year 30-40 students are enrolled in the program. Caribbean Craft is proud to say that all the artisans working in our premises now know how to read and write!

    Magalie supervising the shape of a papier mache impala trophy
    Company owner and director Magalie Noel Dresse (right) works closely with her artisan community of more than 400, helping them develop their talents.

    Upcycling and Sustainability

    Caribbean Craft strives to make all of its products from recycled materials and promotes a sustainable lifestyle to each of our artisans.

    Our trendy papier maché products are made from reused cement bags, and the starch from locally grown, renewable arrowroot. We create beautiful metal sculptures from recycled steel strums, and plastic bottles create napkin holders in tropical designs for picnics and barbecues. We are committed to continually find new and creative uses for discarded waste and recyclables.

    Hancrafting a metal sculpture from recycled steel drum for home decor
    Caribbean Craft is committed to finding new and creative uses for discarded waste and recyclables.