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Phelicia Dell

Handmade Handbags


Self-taught fashion designer Phelicia Dell was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is the daughter of a dressmaker an experienced textile factory supervisor. Her mom and acquaintances from an early age easily recognized Phelicia’s artistic skills. In 2004, after the assassination of her business partner and baby’s father in Haiti, she gained a creative global meaningful inspiration that will later become her VèVè signature style 
and trademark. Exclusive and graceful characteristics are key trends in Phelicia’s clothes and assortment of accessories. Haiti’s music and dance, notably sacred rhythms, and VèVè schematics have inspired the designer’s creative creations throughout her career.

Phelicia Dell, takes her art from Haiti to boutiques and runways around the world, including Miami, Martinique, Argentina, Guadeloupe, Bahamas, New York, Paris, Washington, Connecticut, Dominican Republic, Miami Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week, Island of the World Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Black Expo Design in Montreal Canada, Rwanda Kigali. Today VèVè Collections represents one of the strongest and sustainable business ventures in Haiti. While her talent already confirms the emergence of her first rays of light, her first stars; Phelicia creates, invents and continues to win. Her designs have a legacy, artisan style, which makes her work timeless and beautiful

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