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Nathalie Martin Schettini

Handmade Jewelry


I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to an amazingly creative and exceptional Mother whose Influence will be both my propeller and my Guide for many years to come.
I credit my Grandmothers for planting the artistic seed in me at an early age when I started making bridal headpieces and hair accessories at 9. My entrepreneurial spirit took off, I began creating, and I never stopped.
Martin Schettini is à labor of love founded by Gabriel Schettini and Nathalie Martin Schettini in New York in
"The fruits that grow on trees are nourishment for the body, but the fruits that grow inside the earth are the nourishment for your soul."
This is my privilege to work with these fantastic stones from which are created each piece of Martín Schettini


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