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3D resin sculpture with face made out of scrap metal and bolts

Watching Heart by Nico Vorbe

  • "Gunshot" Nico is an artist and designer who brings to life intricate sculptures and resin art. He creates using scrap metal from old cars and motorcycles, constantly challenging the concept of wasting resources. His nickname "Gunshot" stems from his past relationship with violence, which he now channels through his art. When asked about his artistry, he describes himself as a "vessel" through which inspiration from a higher power flows. Indeed, Nico often has visions depicting his ancestors and important elements from his Haitian culture. He attributes these experiences to the conception and fabrication of his creations, some of which he does not fully comprehend until years later.

    He has continuously been testing his limits and creativity with different mediums. In 2021, Nico completed his first paintings. With an abstract touch & a bold choice of colors, he has proven that he is truly a multidisciplinary artist with a promising future."

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