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Introducing Trix the Papier Mache Triceratops Bank - A Cute and Stylish Addition to Your Kid-Friendly Spaces!


Counting blessings never looked so adorable with our Trix the papier mache triceratops bank! Start your little ones on a saving journey early with this charming piggy bank, doubling as stylish wall art for your favorite kid-friendly spaces. The secret treasure will remain safe and hidden, and no one will ever suspect where your kids have stashed their precious pennies.


Bring childhood imaginations to life with the wall decor from our Innocence collection. These playful pieces come in soothing yet cheerful pastel hues, effortlessly livening up any family-friendly room.

Get creative with our Trix papier mache triceratops and combine it with other wall art pieces from this series. Involve your kids in the selection process and witness their unique personalities shine through as you help them create a design they will be proud to cherish and adore!


At Caribbean Craft, we hold fair trade, ethical conduct, and sustainability at the core of our values. All our materials are carefully sourced, ensuring sustainability and eco-friendliness. Each Trix triceratops bank is handcrafted by skillful artisans in Haiti, making every piece one-of-a-kind and brimming with artistry.


Bring joy, creativity, and positive values into your kids' space with Trix and our delightful Innocence collection. Count on Caribbean Craft for exceptional craftsmanship and lasting memories

Trix the Papier Mache Triceratops Bank

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