Rainbow Paper Mache Zebra Head

Rainbow Paper Mache Zebra Head

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Hand-painted with bright colors, the paper mache rainbow zebra trophy will add a patch of life in any home decor. Handcrafted with recycled paper by the artisans of Caribbean Craft in Haiti this piece is eco-friendly: the paint is a low-VOC one and the glue used is made from a natural arrowroot - or cassava - starch.

The rainbow paper mache zebra head comes in two sizes:
Large: 13in. x 8in. x 17in.
Medium: 11in. x 8in. x 13in.

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There is a small, clean puncture on the back of this paper mache rainbow zebra head. Use a nail or a screw to hang the wall art. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe it clean.