Paper Mache Guinea Fowl

Paper Mache Guinea Fowl

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Guinea Fowls have the most beautiful markings and bold contrasting feathers. Not only that, their reputation as territorial "watchbirds" inspired our artisans to design something fabulous for your home decor.

We wanted to create something sleek and beautiful to look great in your home, office or studio. And we also wanted you to feel like our paper mache Guinea Fowl was guarding your treasures as well. We just love her feisty energy.

Our paper mâché Guinea Fowls are free standing sculptures, perfect for small tables and spare pieces of bookcase. We’ve handcrafted them from 100% recyclables and used only low VOC paints and natural adhesives.

The small paper mache fowl measures 7.5in. x 13in. x 9.5in. and the large paper mache fowl measures 13.5in. x 13in. x 18in.

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Our paper mâché Guinea Fowls are striking, beautiful and ready to guard your home. Guinea fowls are great little ‘watch birds’. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe thess paper mache fowl sculptures clean.