Alix, the Paper Mache Rooster

Alix, the Paper Mache Rooster


Faithful. Loyal. Honest. Alix, the paper mache rooster energizes prosperity and self-confidence. The perfect symbol of wealth for your home decor. Alix Rooster is a paper mâché free standing art piece, handcrafted by a skilled artisan.

This Alix the Paper Mache Rooster measures 20in x 6in x 18in

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Alix our artisan here at Caribbean Craft is very loyal and faithful. And proud to be very honest. So we named our paper mache rooster Alix. He also has a quality, that has nothing to do with the rooster: he can find anything we lose.

Featuring our famous”Balzac" print combined with dyed paper Alix Rooster also has green ads taken from the Haitian newspaper "Le Nouvelliste”.

Order the amazing Alix Paper Mache Rooster today from our online store. We’ll ship him to you fast. And you'll feel happy to have such a good looking and loyal companion in your home decor.