Beagle Dog

Beagle Dog


Papier mache beagle dog handcrafted in Haiti for a handmade home decor, using recycled paper from cement bags and a natural cassava starch glue.

This paper mache Beagle Dog measures 18.5in x 7in x 22in

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Whether you’re a Beagle enthusiast or just needing a handsome fellow to feature in your home decor, why not buy our paper mache Beagle? He’s gentle, friendly and projects all the fabulous energy of a spirit willing to follow that trail right to the end.

Our skilled artisans here in Haiti have carefully designed this paper mache Beagle, aiming to capture the spirit of his vivacious nature and unshakeable determination.

Beagle is a free standing paper mache art piece and made from 100% recyclables. Here at Caribbean Craft we use all-natural arrowroot, or cassava starch glue and ensure all our business practices follow strict fair trade and sustainability practices. We believe in a a better life for everyone, everywhere.

Buy the paper mache Beagle today from our online store. We’ll shop him safely to your door and your purchase will contribute to a real livelihood for over 450 artisans and their families.