Edna the Paper Mache Rhino Trophy

Edna the Paper Mache Rhino Trophy


Edna the paper mache rhino head is named for our steadfast secretary. Short, stout, and a bit slow-moving, Edna is always careful to stay out of trouble. Our beloved Edna the Paper Mache Rhino has been finished with our signature Balzac print, paying tribute to nineteenth century novelist, Honoré de Balzac.

This paper mache Earthbound Rhino measures 13in x 16in x 18in

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Eco friendly paper mache rhino head handcrafted in Haiti with arrowroot glue for a handmade home decor.

There is a small, clean puncture on the back of this paper mache rhinoceros trophy. Use a nail or a screw to hang the wall art. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe it clean.