Michelange Giraffe

Michelange Giraffe


The Michelange paper mache giraffe head is handmade in Haiti by skilled artisans for home decor with recycled paper and natural arrowroot glue. Dyed paper patches are applied on our signature Balzac print.

This paper mache Michelange Giraffe trophy measures 12in x 12in x 11in

To clean use a dry cloth.

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This piece was inspired by Michelange, who is far from tall, but blessed with slender limbs and a long, giraffe-like stride. With Balzac print and a dyed paper exterior, the piece is as distinctive as a giraffe’s pattern of spots. No two are alike.

There is a small, clean puncture on the back. Use a nail or a screw to hang this wall art. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe your paper mache giraffe head clean.