Chouben the Paper Mache Elephant Head

Chouben the Paper Mache Elephant Head


Patient and easygoing, Chouben has been a staple of our workshop for many years. His personality and ample stature are reflected in this outsized paper mache elephant head we crafted, made as always from recycled materials and finished with prints from Honoré de Balzac’s 19th century novel, Le Père Goriot, as well as dyed paper. Chouben the Elephant is a stunning paper mache wall art piece. Home decor symbolizing wisdom, intelligence, strength and compassion. Perfect home decor.

This fake taxidermy paper mache elephant head measures 12in. x 25in. x 27.5in.

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Use a soft dry cloth to wipe Chouben the paper mache elephant head wall decor clean.