Paper Mache Schnauzer Dog

Paper Mache Schnauzer Dog


Schnauzers have long been known for their tenacity and tendency to push the boundaries. And if you’re a Schnauzie enthusiast wanting to bring their spirit of loyalty and intelligence into your home decor, we’ve worked hard to capture their essence into this handcrafted, paper mâché free standing sculpture.

We’re an artisan community here in Haiti and every art piece we create (including our beautiful paper mache Schnauzer) embodies our own values of fair trading, ethical conduct and sustainability. Our paper mache Schnauzer is handcrafted by a talented artisan, made from 100% recyclables and presented in our famous Balzac finish.

This paper mache Schauzer dog measures 6in. x 18in. x 13in.

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Use a soft dry cloth to wipe this paper mache Schnauzer dog sculpture clean.