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19 x 30 x 10
19 x 30 x 10
20 x 45 x 14
36 x 19 x 12
30in. x 25in. x 15in.

Size: 15in. x 15in. x 36in.
No paint was used on this piece.

16in. x 44in. x 17in.
17in. x 36in. x 16in.
16in. x 20in. x 16in.
16in. x 44in. x 20in.
12in. x 32in. x 13in.
21in. x 42in. x 16in.
16in x 32in x 13in
32 x 18 x 13
Rhino Trophy - Dyed Paper
15in. x 17in. x 12in.
Rhino Trophy - Printed Paper
15in. x 17in. x 12in.
Giraffe Head Trophy - Printed Paper
11in. x 14in. x 13in.
Goat Head Trophy - Printed Paper
16in. x 11in. x 13in.
Zebra Head Book Paper and Paint
17in. x 10in. x 12in.
Elephant Head Book Paper and Dyed Paper

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